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Book: Jo Ramakers 60 (Sculptor)

Technical data art book

section: literature


Contents: 126 pages
Cover: hardcover
Finish: contents and cover entirely in full colour print paper contents 170 fully bound in binding; covered with full colour print sheet; provided with glazed laminate
Dimension: outer size book 24x29 cm.
Edition: Jo Ramakers on his own.

The book contains 65 perfect colour illustrations of recent work by Jo Ramakers. The pictures were taken by the well-known photographer Rob Holthuis at Beek. Besides a number of black and white illustrations are added. Briefly the history is depicted from the sculpting studio owned by grandfather Sjang Ramakers (1862 1949), sculptor at Oud-Geleen, to the days of Jo Ramakers, born at Oud-Geleen in 1938 and now living at Beek (L).

The text written by the art critic Willern K. Coumans distinguishes itself remarkably from the mass of other art related writings. The text also includes a German and an English version

Next to this a number of draft sketches (preparatory studies) have been included; this also goes for some clarifying pictures of the bronze moulding process (sand casting method).

At the back of the book there is a list of:
- exhibitions at home and abroad
- study tours
- monumental orders
- publications in daily and weekly papers
- publications in book form
- conversations on tape, radio annd television

ATTENTION: this book is only available when purchasing a statue with a price of Euro 500 and over; cost price art book Jo Ramakers 60 is 30

Monumentaal sculptures

Monumentaal sculptures are situated in the following places:

- Geleen
- Cadier en keer
- Spaubeek
- Beek
- Kerkrade
- Heerlen
- Amhem
- Belfeld
- Deurne
- Swalmen
- Vaals


Illustrations by Rob Holthuis, Beek lb. (NL)
Illustrations by Rein Bollen, Echt lb. (NL)


German translations: Jacques Ramakers, Veldhoven (NL)
English translations: Hub Peters, Beek lb. (NL)

Commisioned Portrait

I have made portraits in bronze on people's orders. These may be:

  • important people within companies (founders);
  • private persons, a relative who is dear to you;
  • children.

These portraits are found in various buildings, offices or companies.

If you are interested in a personal portrait in bronze or a portrait of someone who is very important in your life, feel free to get into contact with me without any obligations. I will then discuss with you how this works.



Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau because of cultural activities; among other things he has been active as a visual artist since 1978. At home and abroad he has gained fame and renown as a sculptor.


Besides he was a committee member of the Geleen music band St.Cecilia 1866 from 1978 to 2003. During these years he was an active member for a full 54 years and played the flute and piccolo for over 40 years.


In addition he was a teacher of visual design for over 30 years.



  • teacher training higher technical education mechanical engineering (Heerlen‑Rotterdam)
  • town academy for visual arts (Maastricht)
  • certificates of teaching in secondary education, levels A and B, for visual arts (Maastricht).


Member of the Limburg Art Circle. This has been an artists' collective since 1910. The members' artworks are characterised by creating contemporary art with a personal character. Contrary to the past the present members generally tend to rendering reality in a more abstract way.


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